Who We Are

Ann and Angela are real, practical people who are passionate about nutrition and sharing what they truly believe is a good thing.

A&A are 2 moms with 5 kids.  They went to 4 Ivy League schools for college and graduate degrees. When paid, they worked 100 hours a week, lived and traveled around the world, dated some strange people, joined book clubs, signed up for kickboxing classes (and not go), completed the Trailwalker (together) and sailed around the BVI’s. Then they married wholesome, super cute husbands, had kids, quit their paying jobs, gained some weight, and got tired…

They are real people who felt the need for a healthy jumpstart. They put themselves through an intensive detox program and came out believers. For the past year, they have been running cleansing programs for their family, friends and friends of friends whose support allowed Ann and Angela to fine tune the program to what we now know as Punch Detox.

For nearly a decade, whether at L’Oreal New York, Biotherm at Incheon Airport, or Stella McCartney in Hong Kong, Angela Cheng Matsuzawa has been extolling the virtues of what natural cotton should feel like, what cuts of clothing fit and flatter her customers best, what skincare, hair color, and make up are the most natural and for each skin tone.

And now, to round out her career in lifestyle marketing, she is in a position to tell us what food we should—and shouldn’t—eat.

Angela maintains her passion for sharing--always a marketer, when she discovers a good thing, she will make sure everyone else knows about it.

Proud mother of twin boys, Angela loves inverted yoga poses, plans juice cleanse programs and finds good excuses to enjoy wine and cheese every chance she gets.

She has an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition from the University of Hong Kong, a BA from University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Growing up in a house with a vegetable garden, Ann Cha fondly recalls the bursting flavors of her mother's heirloom tomatoes. Thoroughly in her element when roaming through food markets and farms, Ann never tires of searching and tasting for the freshest, healthiest produce whether it’s figs and almonds in Provence, strawberries in Tasmania, artichokes in California, or kailan and beetroot in the New Territories.

Ann’s passion for healthy living and nutrition led her to earn a Professional Diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition from the University of Hong Kong. She cooked in the kitchens of Jean-Georges Vongerichten in Manhattan and created and ran healthy cooking classes in Bangkok. A member of Slow Food International, she is also a supporter of Meat Free Monday.

A loving mother of three, Ann enjoys yoga, hiking and cultivating her own vegetable patch. She loves baking, feeding her family, and the creativity behind concocting healthy and delicious juices for Punch.

Ann has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.