Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Punch Detox

I loved not having to think for a moment about meals. Major time saver!

I just threw the day’s potions into the cooler bag (great idea!) with a freezer pack and walked out of the house. You made it extremely convenient, which is why I was able to do it successfully.

Matilda B

I’m feeling lighter, free -- and a welcome change in perspective about daily life.

  1. The juices are lovingly made and delicious in-and-of themselves, which was a big part of getting through the cleanse.
  2. Living in Hong Kong, my life is inundated with appeals to buy, consume, buy more, consume more. Doing the juice cleanse set me apart from that, gave reprieve. That is very valuable to me.
  3. Knowing there are other people doing it with me, and having the connection to that community through the emails was great.

Yvonne L

Couples who juice together, stay together.

My husband is loving it. So much easier when we are both doing it together. Avoids the risk of him waving a juicy pork chop in my face while I slurp my gazpacho.

Ria N

I was pleasantly surprised as another cleanse program I tried before left me very hungry. All this fluid was good for me!

The cleanse did everything as promised. I felt really good during and after the cleanse. I have held onto having a glass of water in the morning with lemon! I’d definitely do this again!

Susan J

I've been detoxing once a year for the last five years but I always go to spas because I thought it would be impossible to do it at work - given it affects your concentration levels as well as your energy.

However, this was a great way to do it: it is so easy to have the juices delivered at home and the fact that you are busy the whole day makes the day run fast. The day after the cleanse, I felt great. My skin looked good, my clothes felt looser and my appetite was less than normal. That was the best day.

Susanna C

Scored a hat-trick in soccer on Fri night and completed a gruelling 12km Action Asia event on Sun.

That's pretty good going by my count, and the drop in weight, body cleanse, and overall boost in energy from the detox had a large part to play in that. I'm also continuing the prolonged health kick and fabulously following your advice in accomplishing many tasks that have been "pending" for a matter of months...

Laurence D


Having elected to do this a second time round (my first detox was around 2 months ago), I wonder what I was getting myself into….again!

But then I reminded myself of the "light bulb" encounter I had, seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel as I completed my first 3 day juice detox.  I was content, well rested and at the same time, strangely energized! I was waking up before my alarm clock and found more pockets of time especially during lunch and dinner times to do things other than eating!~.

Once completed, I found that I was equipped with a) self – awareness :- for the cuisines that I did miss and the dishes interestingly that I didn’t miss as much, and b) self-discipline :- for a foodie like myself, to successfully complete a juice fast despite living in such a food - consumptive land such as Hong Kong is a real test of will power!  It was rather satisfying to know that I could complete the challenge and at the same time know that it was actually good for my body =)

My body quite literally felt like a computer waiting to re-boot, as it cleansed itself from the viruses and back dated files, it was finally free from all the junk and spam that has clogged up over time, until the next time I guzzle down my chocs and cups of coffee – but then that’s what punch detox is here for ;)

Joanna Lee

Thank-you for the juices – they tasted great and I didn’t get hungry at all – just the typical caffeine withdrawal headache.

I think this is a great “quick start” to taking better care of your body and look forward to doing it again in the future. Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement along the way.

Judith G

This is exactly why I was excited to try this detox--I think I have a hard time digesting gluten or dairy.

The structure of the detox helps me from cheating. And lo and behold I've had less stomach problems!

Annie P

Thanks a lot for introducing me to a new way of living. I feel healthy and happy.

It was a little tough as I miss eating solids. But it was all worth it. Thanks a lot!!

Shahneela F

As a yogi, I endeavor to feel balanced, centered, grounded, and healthy. Best as possible, I want to feel clear-minded and open-hearted. I want to feel energized.  The Punch Detox 3-Day Juice Cleanse is an excellent way to jump-start your system.


Yoga teaches that there is no separation between the body and the mind. The first lesson in feeling this connection is when you're on your mat, moving and breathing through the physical postures. You practice being unified in body and mind, as well as with the present moment. Over time, this awareness becomes more and more part of who you are, and not just something that you do in a class. You just start to recognize when something feels good and when it doesn't...when you feel in the flow of things, and when you feel a bit more disconnected.

As there is no separation between body and mind, what you put into your body is certainly going to have an effect on how you feel. And naturally, if we want to feel good, we need to make choices that move us in that direction, including our choices in food.

This is why it's important to me to eat as healthily as I can. I try my best to make my everyday choices good ones. I load up on green veggies, clean proteins, whole grains, and seeds. But I also take it easy on myself and enjoy a glass of wine with my husband after a long day, and allow myself to periodically indulge in my favorite snacks (potatoes are my absolute weakness!). Living in our modern-day world, there are lots of unhealthy influences that we are all subjected to that are outside of our control, such as toxins and chemicals in the air, water, buildings, etc. On top of that, as human beings, we all experience negative and toxic feelings (such as stress) that literally manifest in our bodies. This is all part of the deal, and it's nothing to panic about, but I certainly think it's important to check-in with ourselves and do what we can to keep things in balance.

One of the best ways to do this is to cleanse / detox. This is not about dieting or starving yourself. This is about giving your internal system a break from the myriad external stimuli that can be burdensome. It's no different from feeling overworked at your job and needing a holiday. Or when your computer starts acting up and slowing down because there are too many unnecessary files cramming its hard drive. 

The Punch Detox 3-Day Juice Cleanse is an excellent way to jump-start your system. Everything is prepared for you so you don't have to think about it, and you won't feel hungry. It's very doable: 3 days is not a very long time in the greater scheme of things...and the juices are SO delicious! Once you've tried it, you'll notice the difference in how you feel and look. More energy, clearer mind, calmer, brighter eyes, less bloated. The benefits are endless. You'll feel so great that you will want to continue being healthier in the long run, and that's what's really important.

Leah Kim - Nike Yoga Ambassador

This was a fantastic cleanse!

I did not feel hungry, which was my fear. My skin feels better and I feel more energetic. The 3-days flew by and was very manageable.

Sagiri D

I like this a lot! The service was professional, and you take care of every little detail (even thought about how I could bring all the 6 bottles of juice to work).

Going through the process makes me realize how much junk I have been putting into my body and kick-started a change in my diet. I lost some of the excess weight that I have been trying to get rid of and my skin condition has improved too!

Charlotte C

This is definitely something I would do every 6 - 8 weeks.

I love the Punch program so much that I don't mind smelling a little bit garlicky for 3 days.  I feel clean, light and my skin is brighter afterwards. 

Tracy So - Pilates Instructor

Punch Detox works for me.  Maybe not every month, but definitely every 6 weeks.

Esther W


This was simple & as easy as 1, 2, 3.  In fact it was so easy that I'm about to do it again & no doubt I will need to do it again after Christmas & New Year's.... if you get what I mean.

Cheers thanks again Punch Detox!

Christine Luke

Just want to send a quick thank you to your flexibility with my last minute extensions, special deliveries and answering my questions during the cleanse.


I do a cleanse with you 2 to 3 times a year. I have tried many other cleanses and I have to say Punch is by far the most delicious. And I am never hungry when I am on the cleanse. Because I am physically active I do like the more "fruity" component to Punch cleanse program, although this time I did try to get into a deeper cleanse.

I did a 3 day Level 1 cleanse and another 3 day custom cleanse with the Level 2 Salad Punch instead of the Fruit Punch. I cannot get rid of the Nut Punch because it's my favourite. I am not huge fan of the Salad Punch (It is not that bad.. I just like the others more) so I have been mixing the Green Punch with the Salad Punch to make it tastes less "grassy" and it works very well for me. I also tried the Carrot Punch which I also love. I will have a hard time thinking out what to swap out on my next cleanse so that I can include the Carrot Punch!

I am doing the cleanse before I start my yoga teacher's training tomorrow. I feel clean, bright and light. The cleanse prepared my body and mind. I feel so much positive energy and a strong body to welcome my challenge.

Thank you again. Namaste.

Cora L S

Punch Detox helped me Punch out my caffeine habit.  I save money not buying cheap coffee.

I save it for a nice cup every now and then!

Esther G

[I'm on my] third detox from Punch Detox. I felt amazing afterwards - cleaner and lighter on the inside. Been recommending it to my friends and colleagues!

Yvonne Chan

To be frank, it was so easy, I can see the appeal of doing it regularly.

And having the juices just turn up and not have to worry about buying/making it all—Heaven!

Meaghan W

Bottle 1 complete..delicious...

and there is now a tingle in my balls.


This was definitely a good kickstart to get rid of a lot of my bad habits.

I am more conscious of bad foods. I wasn't realizing how much crap food I was putting in until I felt like complete crap on day 2! Now I don't drink coffee everyday, I don't drink Coke, and I don't eat sweets every day!

Jasie C

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great detox.

I have done other detox programs in the past and this one was simply fantastic largely because of the convenience and excellent juices.   The detox was not hard for me, but what I have appreciated is the increased awareness of my body after the detox and the impact different foods have on me.  I will surely do this again before year end and thank you so much again for your service. 

Lincoln P

I was really surprised that I could actually complete the 3 day cleanse and not feel even a little bit of hunger!

I'm quite proud of myself! I generally felt more refreshed and less easily tired after the cleanse. Of course, the real highlight was when I weighed myself every morning to find that I'm shedding pounds off!!!

Carol C

This is my third time doing a juice detox in Hong Kong actually, and I have to say I definitely enjoyed Punch Detox the most. I really like your juices and will continue to order! 


Can i also just share that the ultimate test to how great punch detox really is was when i headed over to city super to look for flax oil. Saturday meant free tastes all around city super. The aroma of food cooking lingered in the air. But it had ZERO effect on me. I wasnt going out of my mind. It made me smile at the very moment i realized that My stomach was as self controlled as it could ever be. My body was satisfied with the nutrients it had from the juices i had consumed. Then i said to myself.. Wow, if i were on a self prescribed diet, id be a very grumpy supermarket shopper seeing all the food being given away to sample (base on past experiences). So saturday was the day i realized how great the punch detox program truly is. 


Stephanie N

I realise how busy you must be after the festive period and I'm not really helping by spreading the Punch love! On a serious note, thank you so much. Health has become a major priority after members of my family became very ill (and thankfully recovered) in 2012. Punch Detox is an effective, efficient and tasty way to get our bodies back on track. Many thanks again.

Bo Lee

In a bustling cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle, much to the detriment of our waistlines and well-being. Few people are immune to this cyclical rat race, even for a yoga and dance instructor like myself.

The 3-day detox was a healthy yet satisfying way to reset my body and start fresh, to give it a break from all the toxins that had been accumulating throughout the winter season. The juices themselves (all palatable, especially the Gazpuncho and Nut Punch!) are packed with vital nutrients so I felt light but never ravenous that I had to cheat.

The ease of the detox was another benefit, and all that energy that is usually reserved for cooking or thinking of the next restaurant was better used in hobbies that I normally do not have time for. I also felt more connected in my practice, mentally and physically, due to the fact that I was not weighed down with excess food for three days.

It is crucial to ease off the detox with a fruit and vegetable-based diet, as you will be able to observe clear results in about six days: clearer skin, an increase in energy, and an unadulterated awareness for how much food your body actually needs.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to treat their body well holistically without sacrificing time or nourishment.

Amy Liu - Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Thank you Angela and Ann and Punch Detox!!! I swear it helped me kick start my metabolism to lose approximately 12 lbs over the past year with only doing 2 sessions of Punch Detox. You do change the way you look at food afterwards and I have had slow and steady weightloss since my first detox nearly a year ago.

I am not at all disciplined when it comes to diet, detox, and food and drink. No one would have ever guessed that I would ever take on a detox program and the most surprised person is myself.

The great thing was all the daily emails of encouragement and tips which really felt like Angela and Ann were with you all the way. Also, whenever I had a question, I got an email reply (even on a Sunday) immediately and so you never felt alone.

The juices are truly delicious and my friends and colleagues have been so floored that am a fan of Punch Detox twice and am planning another one soon. It truly feels amazing, tastes amazing and thank you ladies for creating the perfect program so some of us with bad habits and vices can actually achieve a healthy goal and do something to take care of ourselves a bit more, and to love ourselves a little bit more.

Keep up the great work ladies!

Peter Cheung - Regional Marketing & Communications Director of Van Cleef & Arpels

Hello, Ann and Angela! I just finished my first juice detox ever -- thank you for making it so easy!

The juices were delicious and filling; I was able to keep up with my exercise program and also enjoy a ridiculous amount of energy and clear-headedness. I'll definitely do this again when I need another push to stay healthy.

Julee Allen

As a model being healthy, maintaining great skin and body is very important.
I've tried the different juice detox on the market and Punch Detox by far is the best tasting one out there. As any detox the first day is hard! The craving for solid food was intense but unlike other juice detox plan, Punch has the GazPUNCHo that was chunky and can be eaten slightly warm which help satisfy the craving of actual food. 
The emails from Ann & Angela helped a lot to keep me focus and with tips to get over cravings with substitution foods.
I'll definitely recommend this to my family and friends, and will definitely do the detox again periodically to maintain a healthy glow.

Mancy Cheng-Howe, Celebrity Model

As a chef, I thought it would be near impossible to go without food.
But it was easier than I thought it would be and I actually quite enjoyed it. Plus the juices were fresh and tasty, especially the watermelon and the Gazpuncho ones (I’d serve that one at my restaurant!)
I felt very refreshed after completing the third day, and it kick-started a more healthy eating routine for me. I’m looking forward to repeating the detox in the near future.

Chris Shannon

I’ve done a couple of detoxes before, but was a little nervous about how I’d go with this one (whether I’d like the juices, whether I’d get hungry, etc). But friends had highly recommended it, so I decided to give it a shot. And I’m really glad I did!
After day 2, I already started feeling lighter and less bloated. I felt like I was doing a lot of good for my mind and body. By the end of the detox, I felt so much more refreshed and energised, and ready to continue a healthy diet.
What helped was that it was so easy – everything delivered to the door – but most importantly, the juices were delicious! Not only did I know I was doing something great for myself, but it was easy to stay focussed, with great flavours, and I never felt hungry.
I’ll definitely do another one again, and look to make it a regular detox throughout the year.

Lee Shannon

It has been a fantastic three days with an almost immediate impact on energy levels, mental clarity, and recent gastrointestinal blues.
A few comments:
  • My favourite is Gazpuncho, but then come on, how can you not love Gazpacho? also, that burst of salinity in its taste really packs a punch after a day of milder flavours
  • At first I didn't like the nut punch as it reminded me of desserts like almond or sesame soup - my wife loves them, I opt for the mango sago; day 2 I enjoyed the taste much more; it is the most filling of all the juices
  • This is not my first detox; about ten years ago I went for a two week fasting cure at the Mayr Clinic in Austria; it was an unbelievable experience, but my eating habits went back to being rubbish almost immediately thereafter; learning from that example I will look to continue drinking the juices as I try to transition to a healthier lifestyle - in particular the breakfast ones!
  • Energy levels have been great; I love your advice on building in massage and its like during your detox period (admittedly, it does not take much to convince me that it is a good time for a massage); yesterday featured hatha yoga and today a visit to the gym; despite being a big guy (unfortunately more horizontally than vertically) the caloric content of the juices kept my fires burning
I am very glad that I found you and look forward to continuing to enjoy - and benefit from -  your juices!


I've never tried a Juice Detox before and had my reservations about them but I am now converted. I participated in a group which was good as I liked the competitive edge and knew then that I definitely wouldn't give up.
The first day was easy as the excitement of the possible results had me ready to go. The flavours surprised me as I wasn't expecting them to be so nice but the juices did take me a long time to drink so I found my day was filled and i didn't have time to think about food. I struggled with the GazPunchHo as I don't like cold savoury things but managed to drink most of it.
The second day was tougher I didn't get that jump out of bed feeling that lots of other people have mentioned. As much as I really liked the first 4 juices of the day I was not looking forward to number 5 and to top it off the girls in work were eating chocolates around me. I spent most of the day thinking about all the food I couldn't have :( I stayed strong and felt all the better for it! I slightly warmed GazPunchHo which was the best idea ever and ate it from a bowl, I even found myself enjoying it as much as the others! I managed to go to Spin class that night and felt fine.
Day 3 I finally had that "jump out of bed" feeling. I felt less bloated and was looking forward to the juices, they were much easier to drink and I felt a sense of achievement that I'd managed it without cheating.
It wasn't easy but it wasn't that difficult either when you put your mind to it. It was only 3 days and I definitely got what I wanted from the detox, I'm not craving gluten or sugar anymore which makes such a difference and the reduced bloating has made my stomach so much flatter that people have commented on it. A week on I'm still making much better food choices and actually miss the ease of juicing.

Tamara G.

BUTLUR approved… left us feeling energized and refreshed! 

We just recently completed Punch Detox's 3-Day cleanse and feel great! Not only did the juices taste great but Punch helped make the process super easy and convenient by delivering the juices directly to us.

The encouraging emails from Punch helped us through the process and we were not hungry after drinking the 6 bottles of juice each day.

After the cleanse not only was I sleeping better but I was able to focus better at work and felt less tired. 

Having experienced other juice cleanses in the past, I would definitely recommend Punch Detox to anyone looking for a way to quickly and easily reset your body and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Brian Chin and Jessica Lam - Founders, BUTLUR

Having devoted nearly 2 decades of my life to an elite international sporting career as an Olympic swimmer, I am well versed in the benefits of healthy living and nutrition.

In hindsight, I only wish Punch Detox had existed back then, as my performances both in training and competition would have undoubtedly benefited from this healthful boost.

I experienced my first Punch Detox 3 Day Cleanse in August 2013, upon returning from a month of over-indulging in America. I’d never done any form of ‘cleanse’ before, so I was feeling rather apprehensive, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Punch Cleanse was much easier and much more enjoyable than expected - the juices tasted fantastic, I never felt overly hungry, and there was a very noticeable spike in my energy levels. Having regular support and inspirational notes from the Punch Team also contributed to my overall positive rookie cleanse experience.

Today, I remain very active, but given the fact that my regular nutritional habits are not quite up to par, I choose to use Punch Detox juices as delicious daily supplements to ensure that I have sufficient fruits and vegetables incorporated into my diet.

Plus, with my work as a professional emcee for high profile corporate and sporting events, I have also gotten into the habit of doing a 3 day cleanse prior to important functions to guarantee that energy levels are high, my skin is clear and my outfits fit perfectly!

Robyn Lamsam - Olympic Swimmer and Professional Speaker