Health and Your Body

Is this a health fad?Top

No! The practice of cleansing has been around for thousands of years. Cultures and civilizations all over the world have used cleansing and detoxing as a way to promote longevity, vitality, mental, physical and spiritual balance, and a sense of well-being. We didn't invent this. We just fine-tuned what has worked and designed this for us.

How much weight will I lose? Top

This is the wrong question to ask. We are not a weight loss centre and this is not a diet. We offer a cleanse to help you be rid of the toxins in your body and as a result, you may change the way you eat forever, or for a little bit…As you drop all the processed foods, bad fats and sugars, weight loss is often a pleasant side effect.

Remember you will only lose weight if you have the weight to lose.

Some people lose some weight during the cleanse, but most lose the weight in the few weeks afterwards as their overall lifestyles and habits change for the better.

Will I gain my weight back? Top

If you did lose weight after the cleanse, good for you. Whether you can keep the weight loss depends entirely on you. Some people adopt the healthier lifestyle and become more careful with food choices every day, losing even more weight afterwards. Others go back to their old ways and the extra pounds can creep up again.

Is it true that I can't eat anything? Am I getting enough nutrients? Protein? Calories? Top

Can't is a strong word. It's only a few days – commit to it. It's a cleanse, not a feast. So are you getting a few hundred calories fewer than you normally ingest? Most probably. It's not a fast either. You get to fill up on delicious, nutritional juices. So are you getting enough nutrients, protein and calories? Yes. We have designed the Punch juices to do just that.

Having said that, you probably should not be exercising profusely, building a house, or pulling all nighters. And use common sense, if you are 6'2" and 250 lbs, and you feel very hungry during the cleanse – eat something, but eat from our cheat sheet. Be sensible. If one slice of cucumber will help you get through the night – go for it!

Won't this slow down my metabolism?Top

No. You are not fasting. You are just consuming nutritious, non-solid food. Minus a few hundred calories. For only a few days. Your metabolism will be fine.

Can I smoke during the cleanse?Top

This is a cleanse, not a gallery opening party, so the official answer is no. But we understand the addiction aspect of it, so try to cut down. You are doing all that already – maybe you can quit smoking as well.

I am a big fan of Chinese Medicine and I have always been "cool". Can I do the cleanse?Top

We have had cool and hot people do the cleanse, and honestly, it depends on the extent of your coolness. We recommend drinking hot water in between the juices and take out the juice for 5 mins from the fridge before drinking it, so that it's not super cold.

When in doubt, please consult your Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

I am pregnant/nursing/sick. Can I do the cleanse? Top

The simple answer is No. Not only do you need extra calories for your baby or immune system, but during a detox, you will also be getting rid of toxins through urine, sweat and you guessed it – breast milk.


If you love the juices, you can drink them as a natural, yummy health boost in addition to your regular diet instead. Our Red Punch tastes a lot better than a massive multivitamin pill that's difficult to swallow, and absorb. And who needs vegetables if you can drink our Green Punch? Just kidding. We love vegetables.

I have food allergies? Can I still do it? Top

Well yes! Please check this link to see the ingredients in our juices. If you only need to skip one of our juices, we can make substitutions. Just make the appropriate selection during the ordering process. Or email us.

Am I too young or too old?Top

If you are underage, you're still growing – don't do it. And if you think you are too old to do this, please check with a doctor first.

Who should NOT do the cleanse? Top

  1. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. People who are suffering for a chronic disease that results in weight loss
  3. Kids under 18 who are still growing
  4. Elderly over 75 should only consider using the juices as supplements

Of course, if you are suffering from an illness such as the flu or bronchitis, use your judgment. Speak to a doctor first if you have doubts. The same goes for anyone who has the following diseases or conditions:

  1. Categorized as very very "Cool" by a licensed Chinese Doctor
  2. Type 1 Diabetes
  3. Advanced heart, lung, liver or kidney disease
  4. Advanced stages of cancer or AIDS
  5. Any type of eating disorders
  6. Taking prescription medication – yes antibiotics count
  7. Blood sugar disorders
  8. MCAD deficiency


My plans changed. Can I move the schedule back a day or 2?Top

Our juices are freshly made and deliberately unpasteurized. The expiration date is the day after your scheduled cleanse is over. So you should not delay it. Having said that, you can prolong shelf life by freezing your juices (sort of like freezing time). Some folks have even traveled on planes with frozen bottles. So, we really want to start your cleanse when you receive your juices, but it's your choice.

Punch juices are all fresh, so how come you don't deliver every day? Can I do the cleanse?Top

We don't have to.

Ever seen fresh apple juice that's brown? That's because the apple parts have been spun around so much and so quickly, that the juice has been exposed to heat and oxygen (oxidation), i.e. the nutritional value has been compromised. You really might as well drink apple juice from a box. The beauty of our juice presses, compared to other industrial or centrifugal juicers, is that we're able to extract juices that stay fresh and alive for a much longer time.

We use a hydraulic press to slowly squeeze and turn kilos of raw vegetables and fruits into gourmet, jewel-colored drinks. No spinning or churning, our cold-press process preserves the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are so important for detoxification. Hence, the full nutritional integrity of the produce is kept. On top of that, studies actually show that this method extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.

I want to pick the juices up earlier. Can I? Top

No, because they won't be ready. Remember – they are super fresh, so we only press our fruits and vegetables right before your cleanse.

What to Expect

When and how often should I cleanse? Top

Some people do it every month, others do it every quarter. It really depends on what you do to your body and how you are feeling.

Our loyal Punchies join the cleanse every month as part of their health routine. But for some people, it's when they feel lethargic, bloated, down, gassy or any of the toxic symptoms.

We offer weekday and weekend programs to fit different people's schedules. So pick the one that works for you. Do it during work, or play. Just make sure it's not a super stressful time, like your wedding week…

Other popular times for a kick start are:

  • After the summer, New Year, Chinese New Year, or ______ (insert your favorite indulgent occasion)
  • When the season changes
  • When you are ready to use your gym membership that you bought but never used
  • 1 month before your wedding
  • 1 week before your job interview or the debut of your new bikini
  • 5 days before your high school reunion.
  • And more!

I think I am full of toxins. Will it be too harsh for me? Should I pick a longer program? Top

Baby steps. We know we call this program a kick start, but we don't want to kick your ass so hard that you won't finish the program. The Punch Juice Cleanse is a gentle way to cleanse your body. You won't feel too hungry, the juices taste great and the shortest program is only 3 days. If you are really full of toxins and you don't cheat too much during the entire program (pre-cleanse and post-cleanse included), you will feel the benefits even if you do the "easiest" program.

After that you can decide which program you want to do.

Can kids do this?Top

No. Kids should not be cleansing. But they can drink the juices for fun and additional nutrition. Angela's son's favorite is the Red Punch. Ann's eldest likes the Nut Punch. Why not just buy the 6 packs of the juices for them so they won’t be drinking your juices.

Where do you get your produce and ingredients?Top

We source our produce from local farms and around the world using our guiding principle that every ingredient has to be best in quality and freshness.

I am worried. Will I be too tired?Top

You might. It's quite normal to go through a few bouts of fatigue during a cleanse. But you might also be surprised at the newfound buzz you'll feel. Most people report feeling refreshed, alert, energetic, light and rejuvenated. See for yourself.

Will I feel hungry?Top

You might. It's ok. We have a cheat sheet that you can munch on.

Can I exercise during the 3 days?Top

Yes. Just don't go crazy and do a triathlon. Exercise that you normally do anyway, should be fine, but you can also opt for something more chill like yoga or a walk to give your body a rest. Don't do anything new.

I've got work meetings and my kids are having their exam week. Will I be on the top of my game during the cleanse?Top

We understand your concerns, but we designed this cleanse to fit busy schedules. If you are really worried and it's a special week, then you should schedule the cleanse for a different week. Otherwise, some people have reported having a clearer mind during the cleanse, so it may even be better.

Do I need to be close by bathrooms throughout the 3 days?Top

Well, you will be drinking 6 bottles of liquids throughout the day… But no need to sit next to the bathroom. If you are on the road, you should make sure you can stop when you need to.

Will there be instructions?Top

Instructions will come with the juices, but basically you just drink bottles 1,2,3,4,5,6 on day 1 and then repeat. Nourish, rest, and let your body do the work.

When the juice arrives, how should I store them?Top

They are "living" juices with no additives or preservatives. So please – take care of them and keep them cold. Make sure your fridge has space for all 18 bottles.

I have heard about the good things, now what are some of the detox symptoms?Top

No pain, no gain. Some people might get headaches, others experience some flu-like symptoms. If you are a habitual caffeine drinker, it may be worse. Here are some symptoms you may feel:

Headaches, lethargy, dry mouth, runny nose, irritability, weakness, cravings, nausea, constipation, gas, diarrhea

The extent of the symptoms is dependent on how "toxic" you are. The more toxins you have, the worse you will feel. It's just the toxins coming out.

During and After the Cleanse

This is easy. I am not hungry. In fact, I am too full from all the liquids. Can I not drink any tea or water in between? Top

It's a lot of liquid, but make an effort to sip water or herbal tea in between. It will only help you get rid of your gunk and alleviate any of the detox symptoms you might have.

I have a headache, can I take painkillers? Top

Ideally, you should minimize intake of any processed foods and chemicals, including drugs and medicine. But if you think it will help you get through it and continue with the cleanse, it's ok. But please, pop a pill only AFTER you've exhausted all other natural options – hot compress, massages, herbal teas, sleep…etc. etc.

I am not going to the bathroom, what should I do? Top

If it's more than 2 days, you can add flax seed oil to the juice. If it continues after the cleanse (>3 days), chow down on high fiber vegetables such as celery and broccoli. Drink warm water.

I am bored. I need bubbles to dance on my tongue. Can I drink sparkling water? Top

If you are not bloated, go for it. No flavors. Sugar free just means fake chemicals that taste like sugar – which is worse.

Can I heat up the juice?Top

No! It's alive!!!! Don't kill the juice. But if you like to drink it slightly warmer, you can place the bottle in a large pot of hot water. No direct heat. No microwave.

I am hungry. Can I eat more than what's on the cheat sheet? Top

The list on the cheat sheet is meant to tie you over from bottle to bottle, but if you are really in need of the extra calories for whatever reasons (new deadline, hard workout, sick kids), you can also add whatever is in the juices, but in the solid format. Bear in mind that this adds to the calorie intake so may dampen the cleanse effect.

What foods should I stock up on after the cleanse? Top

A rainbow of real foods! All kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, healthy oils, organic eggs, wild fish, organic lean meats, herbal teas, etc. If you don't bring home any bad foods, then you won't catch yourself eating bad foods (at home, at least).

Here's a sample grocery list:

  • Fruits: Apples, bananas, watermelon, grapefruits, kiwis, avocadoes, lemons
  • Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, corn, cabbage, beets, carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Nuts, Seeds and Beans: Chickpeas, tofu, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, lentils
  • Whole Grains: Brown rice, red rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat
  • Lean meats: Organic chicken, wild salmon, grass-fed lamb

My stomach is feeling funny now that I am eating normal food. Help!Top

Don't worry. We will ease you into breaking the cleanse with guidelines and a sample menu. The idea is to exit a cleanse as slowly as you enter one. Once you've cleaned out your system, you will find that you'll be much more aware and in tune with your body.

So sorry to break it to you, but the cherry cheese danish that you used to love might just end up being your belly's worst enemy. And your body might tell you that BEFORE you've even had a bite. Weird? Yes, we thought so too. But it's as if you'll have your own radar detector inside--somehow, you'll naturally seek out the foods that are good for you and shun those that are bad. It's pretty cool!


So many bottles – should I give them back to Punch Detox? How? Top

No need to give them back to us. To maintain our hygiene standards, we use new, sterilized bottles every time. Find a plastic recycling bin for the bottles or reuse them yourself. Don't feel too bad. Firstly, our bottles are partially made of recycled plastics, and secondly, during the cleanse, you didn't use any Styrofoam or plastic containers for takeouts or takeaways. So it should all balance out.

And the coolers and ice packs? Top

If you are going to use them for outings, lunches or picnics, please keep them--our gift to you. If you are not, then please do return them. We do reuse them. You can send/drop them off to this address or give them back to the delivery person when you get your next cleanse.

Should do a different level next time? Top

If your body is up for it. After each cleanse, you have a chance to listen to your body better. What it likes, what it needs. If you feel ready for a deeper cleaning, then sure.

I liked the 3 day cleanse, but I don't think I will have time to repeat it any time soon. Can I order the 3 day cleanse, freeze the bottles, and do a 1 day cleanse on three different days? Top

While we intend for our detox to span a period of 3 days, we do have Punchies (experienced detoxers) need periodical maintenance, or a quick boost from time to time. Some of them freeze 3 day's worth of bottles and defrost a day's worth the day before they need them. Email us if you are doing this. If the demand is there, we may start offering a 1 day cleanse as well.

I love this. I want all my friends to do this. Will I get a discount if I get a whole clan to join?Top

Sure. Email us and let us know how many people (>10) you have and let's try to work something out.

Do I know anyone who has done your cleanse?Top

We don't know. Do you? If you are searching for famous people, we can't tell you. We respect people's privacy.

I love your ______ Punch, can I have the recipe? Top

Hmm…You already have the ingredients on the label…have fun trying to figure it out.

Where are the juices made? Top

With love, in Hong Kong. Yeah!

I am a big guy. My wife/girlfriend/buddy is making me look at this. Why should I do this?Top

Well, if your wife/girlfriend/buddy is asking you nicely to do this, you already know why you should. It's ok. Only 3 days, and if you must eat, there's a cheat sheet that you can eat from.

Seriously though, if you are not ready for a cleanse, talk to your girlfriend/wife/buddy, let him or her know that you are not ready. And sign up when you are.


Need help now? Email us