Our Story

Punch Detox was born out of love and need.

After having their children, Ann and Angela were desperate for a healthy jumpstart. They joined a two-week intensive detox and yoga program, and were thrilled by how amazing they looked and felt afterwards. They became obsessed by the subject and enrolled in nutrition classes, devoured books, consulted with detox experts and experimented on their own bodies and their close friends’.

Finally, a 3-Day Juice Cleanse program was developed specifically for Hong Kong, where people have high standards and busy schedules. A panel of friends benefited with immediate results. Word got out, and bankers, yoga teachers and doctors started asking if they could try too. Over 200 cleanses later, Punch Detox was born.

Punch Principles

Achievable 3 days only. Enough said.
Simple Nothing to mix, no pills to swallow, no kitchen to clean.
Natural Just fruits, vegetables, spices and nuts. No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives.
Effective A definite “Before” and “After.” You will feel it and see it. Your friends will too. Even your extended family on Skype will.
Fun Peppy emails, cleansing buddies, a healthy challenge--you won't stop talking about it!
Life changing
(a Punch Wish)
Big or Small -- even if it’s just replacing one coffee with green tea, we consider that a success.
Thanks - People, books and films that have inspired us.