Just Juice?

It’s important what we put in.

You are what you eat. Some would even say that food is medicine for your body. The food we eat is literally the fuel that powers the body, but you have to know the good from the bad.

During the cleanse, we flood the body with easily-assimilated nutrients, vitamins and minerals with high bio-availability - boosting your immune system and energizing and stimulating your body's natural healing abilities.

Can you eat 8 kg worth of fruits and vegetables and nuts? Probably not, but you can DRINK it!!! Freshly pressed and blended into delicious, these "living" juices and silky smooth nut PUNCH – Vegetables and fruits never look better.

No Food?

What we leave out is just as important!

Gluten-free, Diary-free and vegan, can I really do it?  Of course, and you won’t even notice it.  This gives you a clean slate to start with after the cleanse to explore what your taste buds and stomach really love.

By consuming only liquids for a few days, you are giving your digestive system a rest from solid (also junk and processed) food.  Vital energy normally used to digest food is freed up to return to the natural functions of deep inner cleansing and healing.  Without the digestive burden of solid food and supported by the nutrients from the vital "living" juices, your body gently and safely begins to shed excess, clear out imbalances and discover new energy.

So just drink the juices, and some water, get plenty of rest and add in optimal detox activities like massages, or yoga and pilates.

Let your body do the work...