10% off Post-Holiday BLISS!


No more holiday blues…let us cheer you up with our end of summer promotion!

10% off on 2 or more 3 Day Cleanses with a start date on or before September 15th.

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Office Group Cleanses Up to 30% off!

Beat the heat with our Summer Office Deal! Skip those sweaty lunches and breeze through work with our cooling juice cleanse. Grab your office buddies and get ready for the weekend boat trips!PDT-IG-summer2016-v3-160712

Use the above codes to place your order!

Valid for orders placed before end of July with a start date on or before Aug 8.


Only applicable for 3 Day Cleanse programs

Each group must only have one start date and one delivery address, applicable for one building complex

Group orders must be placed in 1 transaction

Extra Punch’D bottles will be delivered with the cleanses and flavours will come in random

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Introducing Hope Punch

PDT-FBBanner-hope-punch-launch-v3-160512 The new delicious blend created for charity to spread HOPE. 

Hope Punch is a charity collaboration between Punch Detox and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation to raise awareness and funds for the underprivileged within the region. This exclusive custom made blend with it’s unique bottle label, the hand-picked design from Design To Spread Hope Competition, was served as the official drink for Women of Hope Awards this year.

This thirst-quenching pink lemonade is now sold in packs of 10 bottles (300ml) for a limited-time only. Proceeds go to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation and the drink is available on our website till the end of June. 

Punch to Spread Hope!

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Design to spread Hope

Submit a label design for Hope Punch, the official drink created for the Women of Hope Awards, before May 3rd. The limited edition Punch, with its unique blend and label, will be served at the Awards on May 19th and then sold for 6 weeks to raise funds and awareness for HKAHF.


Design Brief

  • Must include the name ‘Hope Punch’
  • Complements the colour and/or ingredients of Hope Punch
    • Colour: Light Transparent Pink
    • Ingredients: Beet, Beet, Acai Berry, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger, Agave Nectar
  • Corresponds to the underlying idea of Women of Hope Awards


How to submit

  1. Download and print out the designated label design
  2. Design on blank space within the label
  3. Email design to Info@punchdetox.comwith the Subject :HOPE PUNCH LABEL DESIGN CONTEST”
  4. Submit before deadline -HKT 23:59 on the 2nd May 2016.



Punch Detox
Asia’s first juice detox company established in Hong Kong in 2010. Punch Detox is a socially responsible business that forms partnerships and collaborates with local charities to create positive contributions to the society as well as an eco-friendly environment.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF)
Founded in 1999, HKAHF aims to provide timely medical treatment to the sick and underprivileged of Hong Kong and APAC through its Charity Outreach Programs.

Women of Hope Awards (WOH)
Established in 2014 to recognise the influential women in Hong Kong who champion the call for social justice, demonstrate the ability to create, inspire and SPREAD HOPE. The event is organised by HKAHF to raise awareness and funds.


Terms & Conditions 

The “Hope Punch Label Design Contest”, is organized by Punch Detox, in collaboration with Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation and Women of Hope Awards.

Open to all individuals or groups with no commercial ties. Multiple entries are allowed by non-commercial entities but each entry must only contain one design. The Contest is free of charge for the participants.  Punch Detox and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the eligibility terms and conditions of the Contest.

Duration of Contest
The Contest deadline is at 23:59 hrs (HKT) 2nd May, 2016. Punch Detox and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserve the right to shorten, extend, modify, terminate, or cancel the Contest, at its discretion, at any time. Punch Detox and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserve the right to modify any of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. All artworks uploaded after 23:59 hrs (HKT) of the 2nd May, 2016 will be considered void/ unsuccessful.

Plagiarism and anonymity
By entering the Contest, the participant or joint participants is/are confirming that the submitted design is the original piece of work by the participant or joint participants and no other person and it has not been copied from any other source or from another person’s work. The participants must not disclose publicly that they are the authors of the designs submitted until the winning design has been announced.

A design should be excluded from the competition if it is received after the announced closing date or it does not respect the terms and conditions. There are also other types of restrictions. For instance, design proposals may only be submitted in electronic format as stated and design proposals submitted in any other way will not be accepted.

Selection of Winner
Prizes will be awarded to participants as per the mechanism cited in Terms & Conditions. Participants have completed their full detail and submit the design according to design criteria cited. Punch Detox will be the sole decision maker for the final round in selecting the winners. The winner will be announced on 10th May, 2016 on the Punch Detox Instagram & Facebook Page.

The winner will be received:

  • Punch Detox 2 Day Cleanse
  • A 10 Bottle Pack Hope Punch
  • The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Dental Check Up
  • Honourable mention at the Women of Hope Awards
  • A Certificate of Recognition from the HKAHF

Winner will be notified via e-mail. The decision for the Contest is final and no further claims will be entertained.

Copyright and Patents
The prize given to the participant gives the Organizer an option on the use of the image or model of the prize-winning designs indefinitely from the announcement of the awards. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserve the rights to use the participants’ design and amend, change of colour/size/tone and etc.; and the design has been chosen for the Contest, will be the sole property of the Organizer. The copyright will not remain the property of the originator. In the event of winning the competition, the winning participant will automatically enter into an agreement with the Organizer to irrevocably assign all rights in the winning design to the Organizer. This might include all types of use on any medium.

Awards and prizes
The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation shall have the right to substitute the prizes being offered with one of equal or greater value and may withhold the total prize or divide it in other proportions. All prizes are to be redeemed by 31st December 2016. Rewards are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash. The prizes may vary from time to time, without prior notice. All transportation, accommodation, personal costs and/or any other cost, fee and/or related expense that are incurred to participate in this promotion, and to redeem the prize are the sole responsibility of the participants, and the winners must abide by the terms and conditions of all parties arranging and/or providing for the prizes and the terms and conditions attached to the prizes, if any. Other expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the prize recipients. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserves the right to use any other method or medium it deems fit at its sole and absolute discretion for the purpose of announcing the Winners and disbursement of prizes. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation make no warranties or guarantees in relation to the prizes.

Other Terms
The Participants agree to release and hold Punch Detox and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation free and harmless of any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, actions, costs and expenses of any kind in connection with the Contest or resulting from acceptance, possession, or use of any prize, including without limitation to personal injury, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy. By accepting the prize, the winner grants the Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation the rights to use the participant’s name for the purpose of publicity, advertising, promotion and/or trade such media the Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation may choose without prior compensation or notice, and at its sole discretion. All entrants must declare that the design is their own work and free of any copyright other than their own personal copyright. In submitting to the competition, you agree to grant the Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation a royalty-free, exclusive licence to publish and otherwise use the submitted material in any way that the Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation require. Designs will not be accepted in the competition if they are deemed inappropriate in nature and that includes images that may be offensive, previously published, copyrighted (by somebody other than entrant) or otherwise contrary to the spirit of the competition or any of the specific rules noted for the competition. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation disclaim any liability for inaccurate information, whether caused by the Website, users, or by human or technical errors related to the submission of entries. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest or these terms and conditions prior to the cessation of the Contest for any reason, including for technical reasons such as computer viruses, bugs, tampering or technical failures. The Organizer and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, delete, vary or add to these terms and conditions without prior notice at any time and the Participants shall be bound by such changes, amendments, revisions, supplements, deletions, variations or additions. By participating in the Contest, Participants fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by these Contest terms and conditions.

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A Special Monkey Deal For You!

PDT-CNY-v2-160201-01Get seriously healthy juices with our Punch’D Year of the Monkey deal.

Order 1 Taster Pack and get 2 extra Punch’D*. (Original $55/bottle, now $46/bottle)

Order 2 Taster Packs and get 6 extra Punch’D*.  (Original $55/bottle, now $43/bottle)

Each Taster Pack contains 10 Punch’D bottles

Promotional Period: February 2016 (Last Start Date 2nd March 2016)

*Extra bottles will be delivered along with your Taster Pack order(s). Unless otherwise requested, the deal with 2 Taster Pack orders will receive 3 extra bottles per delivery and all extra bottles will come in random flavours. 

Order NOW!

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Start the New Year with a Punch


Order over $3,300 in one transaction to enjoy the fabulous offer! 


1) All orders over $3300 in one transaction placed before Jan 15th can apply this 10% off code “PunchDisdabest”

2) A complimentary 6 bottles of our amazing PUNCH’D juices will accompany your first delivery date. Selection will be random, but we will respect allergies and dietary restrictions.

3) Upon placing the order, an email will be sent with a unique 10% off code to be used before April 30th 2016 for all orders over $1679. Each code can be used 8 times.

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Don’t Tell Me Summer’s Over


Stay healthy while you stay in denial!

Special 6-Day Cleanse at $3000 ($360 off!)

Although you can’t control when to say goodbye to the summer days but you can with your holiday weight!

Why not mix and match the 3 levels for an ultimate cleanse experience!

Promotion Period: Now till end Sept (Last start date Oct 2)

Promotion Code: stillsummer


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It’s time for a summer detox party!

PDT-summer group-FB&IG banner-v1-150623Don’t miss out on the hottest group deals, we just want to give you a sweet summer!

Cleanse in pairs to snatch the twins deal for $1500 per cleanse*! Use the code: detoxfor2

For groups of 5? Even better! Just $1400 per cleanse*. Use the code: detoxfor5

Valid throughout July! (Last start date on the Aug 4th)

* Cleanses of each group deal must have the same start date and same delivery address.

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Unveiling Punch Detox’s Best Kept Secret – Level 3 The Cleanse of Champions


Unofficially dubbed the “Olympian” cleanse by our hardcore detoxers, the Level 3 Advanced cleanse is finally ready to take its proper place in the Punch Detox all-star line up. We hosted an invitation-only luncheon on June 22, 2015 with socialites including Anne Wang Liu, Shirley Hiranand and Yolanda Choy Tang to celebrate the launch at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

The Level 3 Cleanse, our most alkaline cleanse to date, is inspired by Robyn Lamsam, former Olympic swimmer, fitness and wellness role model and Punch Detox juice advocate. Refined over the course of a year, this veggie-heavy juice cleanse is lowest in sugar and caloric content, and gives the deep, intense cleanse that every post-competition athlete needs to flush out the acid build-up in their tired muscles. Among the four green juices in the Level 3 fleet, Chlorophyll Water/H2O kicks off the digestive flush with the regenerative power of plant cells, while Green Punch and Salad Punch help re-balance the body’s pH, and the peppy Peppermint Punch rehydrates from gullet to colon. Carrot Punch nourishes with essential vitamins and protects with antioxidants while an unsweetened Vanilla Punch gives you the clean, slow-burning energy of nut milk.

“We have always grown organically, from our kitchens to all of Hong Kong and Singapore,” said Angela Cheng Matsuzawa, our Co-Founder. “Our customers who have kept coming back to us for juice cleanses over the past five years have been asking for a deeper cleanse, and after choosing, introducing and creating four new juices to deepen this cleanse, we’re thrilled to announce that Level 3 is now available!”

“The Level 3 cleanse program is great for those experienced customers who are ready for more alkaline and extra green juices,” said Ann Cha, our Co-Founder. “We are also excited to work closely with Landmark Mandarin Oriental to provide our products to more customers. Punch Detox’s cleanse package is now available for members and guests to order and pick up at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Also please be on the lookout for future Punch’D pop up events there as well!”

“We look forward to the upcoming strengthened collaboration with our long-time friend, Punch Detox, and are certain that our members and guests will be thrilled to enjoy the best juice cleanse program in Hong Kong from Punch Detox,” said Lori Kruk, Director of Spa and Wellness at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Punch Detox cleanses rid the body of toxins while putting back essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to boost the immune system and stimulate the body’s natural detoxing abilities. All juices are made from an array of fresh fruits and vegetables hand-picked from around the world to feed your body the best nutrients. Every bottle of juice undergoes a rigorous juicing process through a hydraulic Norwalk cold-press juicer to ensure the full nutritional integrity, and taste of juices are kept true to their ingredients.

“Level 3 is a fantastic for ‘retuning’ after putting your body through a particularly intense challenge! I maintain a very active lifestyle, and the cleanse is great as part of my recovery after a trekking trip or weekend on the water. It also helps cut out sugar and keep me healthy, which is part of my health regime” says Robyn, former swim champion who represented HK in Barcelona Olympics and a medalist in the 1994 Asian Games and triple gold medalist in the 1995 Pacific Ocean Games.

“Back when I was swimming competitively, all the relentless training and carb-loading really did a number on my body – a level 3 Punch detox would have been the perfect post-competition tonic!

Step up to the starting line. Get ready, get set, detox!

Ann Cha and Robyn Lamsam at the launch event.​

Punch Detox Level 3-“Olympian” Cleanse juice tasting session.​

Punch Detox hosted an invitation-only luncheon to celebrate the Level 3 Cleanse launch.

​Robyn Lamsam, the inspiration for the Level 3 Cleanse, attended the launch event.​

Yolanda Choy Tang and Ann Cha at the launch event.

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Punch Detox, Hong Kong’s first Juice cleanse company, celebrates 5th birthday


HONG KONG – April 16, 2015 – Punch Detox, Asia’s and Hong Kong’s first juice cleanse company, celebrated its 5th anniversary in Hong Kong by bringing one of their inspiring role models and a global juice advocate, Joe Cross, from the US to speak to Punch Detox friends and supporters and show a private viewing of his new film, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2”. Over 80 people attended the movie premiere and Q&A session with Joe at AMC Pacific Place on April 15th, 2015, including Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Janet Ma, Kayla Wong, Fiona Yuen, Joyce Lee, Ana Rivera and David Yeung.
The evening began with opening remarks by emcee Robyn Lamsam, former Olympic swimmer and Punch Detox supporter, followed by the film screening and a Q&A session with filmmaker Joe Cross.
“When Ann and I first brought juicing to Asia and started Punch Detox, we were determined to help people in Hong Kong live healthier lives,” said Angela Cheng Matsuzawa, Founder of Punch Detox. “We are so thankful to all of our supporters for helping us do just that, five years on. We’ve taken huge steps in Hong Kong, and now even in Singapore, and are constantly inspired by your positive feedback.”

“One of our earliest sources of inspiration came in the form of Joe Cross, our good friend and global health and juicing advocate, who showed us how juicing literally turned his life around, and how anyone can do it with the right mindset and the right diet,” said Ann Cha, Founder of Punch Detox. “Five years later, we’re so thrilled to have Joe here in Hong Kong to celebrate with us and share his inspiring story with people in Hong Kong.”

“Punch Detox, Angela and Ann have made an incredible impact in Asia by bringing the concept of cold-pressed juices to this market,” said Joe Cross, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2” filmmaker. “I’ve known them for many years, and having had my health turn around 360 degrees since I began juicing, I really commend them for the way they have created nutritious programs that actually help people get on track with their health.”
Punch Detox was the first to introduce juice cleanses in Asia and was founded by two health-conscious Hong Kong moms, Angela Cheng Matsuzawa and Ann Cha. Having just had children, combined with work, stress, and bad eating habits, Angela and Ann decided it was time to make a change. They embarked on a 10-day detox program which changed their lives – and they had to share. Punch Detox was born, providing Hong Kong with the best juice cleanse programs using delicious, cold-pressed and unpasteurized juices.

Since opening in Hong Kong, they have also opened their brand in Singapore in 2014 and have provided over 10,000 juice cleanses to people across Asia-Pacific. Their business has grown by 40% annually, and they have expanded their offerings to include longer cleanses, more advanced cleanses, and customized juices.

Joe Cross’ film, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2” is a sequel to the first film (“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”) that chronicled his life as a 310-pound man stricken with an autoimmune disease and his journey to regain his personal health – armed with just a juicer. Since then, over 20 million people have seen the film, and in this debut of his sequel, Joe Cross sets out to learn how to be healthy in an unhealthy world, speaking to world-class surgeons and office workers in Kenya alike about their quests for health.

“Eight years ago, I was 100 pounds overweight, had a debilitating autoimmune disease, and was on my way to an early grave. Juicing literally saved me; I took control of my life by taking control of my diet,” said Joe Cross, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2” filmmaker. “But even having lost weight and gone medication-free, I still found it an ongoing struggle to keep the weight off – and I wasn’t alone. I realized there was still a lot we can learn about becoming healthy and staying that way, so I set out to capture and share that through Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2.”

100% of ticket proceeds was donated to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF), one of Punch Detox’s charity partners they have been working with since 2010.

In addition to Punch Detox’s work with HKAHF, Punch Detox has given back to the community in other ways. It developed 100% biodegradable bottles to reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible. It hires local women in Aberdeen, allowing them the flexibility to work part time while being full time moms. And since its early days in 2010, Punch Detox partnered with a charitable program called Table For Two, donating a meal to an undernourished child for every juice purchased. To date, they’ve donated over 71,000 meals.

2_Cotton 3_Cotton



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