Unveiling Punch Detox’s Best Kept Secret – Level 3 The Cleanse of Champions


Unofficially dubbed the “Olympian” cleanse by our hardcore detoxers, the Level 3 Advanced cleanse is finally ready to take its proper place in the Punch Detox all-star line up. We hosted an invitation-only luncheon on June 22, 2015 with socialites including Anne Wang Liu, Shirley Hiranand and Yolanda Choy Tang to celebrate the launch at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

The Level 3 Cleanse, our most alkaline cleanse to date, is inspired by Robyn Lamsam, former Olympic swimmer, fitness and wellness role model and Punch Detox juice advocate. Refined over the course of a year, this veggie-heavy juice cleanse is lowest in sugar and caloric content, and gives the deep, intense cleanse that every post-competition athlete needs to flush out the acid build-up in their tired muscles. Among the four green juices in the Level 3 fleet, Chlorophyll Water/H2O kicks off the digestive flush with the regenerative power of plant cells, while Green Punch and Salad Punch help re-balance the body’s pH, and the peppy Peppermint Punch rehydrates from gullet to colon. Carrot Punch nourishes with essential vitamins and protects with antioxidants while an unsweetened Vanilla Punch gives you the clean, slow-burning energy of nut milk.

“We have always grown organically, from our kitchens to all of Hong Kong and Singapore,” said Angela Cheng Matsuzawa, our Co-Founder. “Our customers who have kept coming back to us for juice cleanses over the past five years have been asking for a deeper cleanse, and after choosing, introducing and creating four new juices to deepen this cleanse, we’re thrilled to announce that Level 3 is now available!”

“The Level 3 cleanse program is great for those experienced customers who are ready for more alkaline and extra green juices,” said Ann Cha, our Co-Founder. “We are also excited to work closely with Landmark Mandarin Oriental to provide our products to more customers. Punch Detox’s cleanse package is now available for members and guests to order and pick up at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Also please be on the lookout for future Punch’D pop up events there as well!”

“We look forward to the upcoming strengthened collaboration with our long-time friend, Punch Detox, and are certain that our members and guests will be thrilled to enjoy the best juice cleanse program in Hong Kong from Punch Detox,” said Lori Kruk, Director of Spa and Wellness at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Punch Detox cleanses rid the body of toxins while putting back essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to boost the immune system and stimulate the body’s natural detoxing abilities. All juices are made from an array of fresh fruits and vegetables hand-picked from around the world to feed your body the best nutrients. Every bottle of juice undergoes a rigorous juicing process through a hydraulic Norwalk cold-press juicer to ensure the full nutritional integrity, and taste of juices are kept true to their ingredients.

“Level 3 is a fantastic for ‘retuning’ after putting your body through a particularly intense challenge! I maintain a very active lifestyle, and the cleanse is great as part of my recovery after a trekking trip or weekend on the water. It also helps cut out sugar and keep me healthy, which is part of my health regime” says Robyn, former swim champion who represented HK in Barcelona Olympics and a medalist in the 1994 Asian Games and triple gold medalist in the 1995 Pacific Ocean Games.

“Back when I was swimming competitively, all the relentless training and carb-loading really did a number on my body – a level 3 Punch detox would have been the perfect post-competition tonic!

Step up to the starting line. Get ready, get set, detox!

Ann Cha and Robyn Lamsam at the launch event.​

Punch Detox Level 3-“Olympian” Cleanse juice tasting session.​

Punch Detox hosted an invitation-only luncheon to celebrate the Level 3 Cleanse launch.

​Robyn Lamsam, the inspiration for the Level 3 Cleanse, attended the launch event.​

Yolanda Choy Tang and Ann Cha at the launch event.

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